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Here at Heady Smokes Shop we do not have any minimum order, which means you can buy only a product.

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All our products are at affordable prices for all our customers, also we have bulk orders with better prices.

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Heady Smokes Shop products are made with great craftmanship and handling, provides products durability.

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Big thanks to Heady Smokes Shop for the safe delivery of my Rycraft piece. I was afraid it wouldn't get to me on time, but you guys made it happen. Keep up the good work.
Jacob Gonzalez
Denver, Colorado
A big shout out to Heady Smoke Shop for making my dream a reality. For the first time in my life, I own a Mothership piece. I really appreciate you guys so much for your hard work, passion, and sincerity.
Nick Camacho
Barcelona, Spain
Heady Smokes Shop is one of the best glass galleries in Northern California. I visited the shop, and the customer service and hospitality were top-notch. Thank you for having me. I would love to come around some other time.
Mark Sanders
Auburn, California
The best glass shop in the game ordered, and my package got to me on time without any complications. I appreciate you guys for all the efforts; keep it up.
Damien Petilaire
Alberta, Canada
Don't play with the Heady Smokes Shop. Those guys are phenomenal and organized when it comes to customer care. I had to fly from Portland to visit the shop myself and cop some slurpers and puffcoproxy for me and my friends. We really appreciate you guys for the good hospitality.
Lat cannon
Portland, Oregon

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